Information for refugees

Entry requirements

International students need to fulfil certain entry requirements to start studying in Germany.

University entrance qualification

If you completed your A-Levels in a country of the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Switzerland and does this qualify you to enter University, it will generally grant you access to Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. For applicants outside the European Union, depending on their origin, studying 2-3 semesters at a university in your home country should fulfil entry requirements of German institutions. Regarding arts programs, talented applicants get access by handing in art work or passing a qualifying examination.


Using the admission database, you can check if you fulfil the entry requirements for your desired study program:


Knowledge of the German language

The level of speech is an important requirement to study at a German university. Depending on your field of study, you need to have knowledge of the German language, in general level C1 (native speaker level). In some cases, level B2 is sufficient. Intensive language courses will be offered regularly.


Financing your Studies

•     No tuition fees

•     Students pay an administration fee (100€ - 300€) which varies from institution to institution; mostly, it also includes a ticket to use public transportation

•     International students are not allowed to work unlimited

•     Part-time jobs limited to 450€/520€ are allowed

•     Apply for a scholarship – find more information here:


Here, find more detailed information about the requirements to study at a German university.


Where can you find help?

Before applying, get into contact with the university to clear all your questions. The advisors will help you and most often speak English. Don’t hesitate to contact them.



Student Service Center University of Rostock:

International Office University of Applied Sciences Wismar:

University of Applied Sciences Stralsund:

International Office University of Greifswald:

International Office University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg:



Information for refugees

The requirements for refugees are the same as for international students. There are a few things you need to consider regarding your status as a refugee and the procedure for granting the right of asylum.

Here, you find helpful information about study options for refugees.

If you have none or incomplete documents due to the escape, talk to the assigned advisors at the universities who can help to find solutions.

Some universities also offer special counselling hours for refugees. Check the websites or the contacts for international affairs.