University transfer - changing the Higher Education Institution instead of dropping out

You want to continue your studies or in a similar field at another Higher Education Institution? There are many reasons for transferring to another institution – moving to your favorite city, transferring to your number #1 university, better options to specialize in your field of study, simply broaden your horizon, a relationship, family or friends. Though, transferring to another university has to be well prepared and organized.

Answer the following important questions in advance:

  • Do I know the reasons why I want to transfer?
  • Does the other Institution offer better possibilities and perspectives?
  • Can I transfer my credits?
  • Is it possible to continue current papers?
  • How are the chances to find an advisor for my thesis?
  • Does the institution offer a network to prospect employers and companies?
  • Will my daily expenses raise due to transferring to another university / city?
  • Which are the advantages of transferring?
  • Which are the disadvantages of transferring?
  • Are there different exam and assessment criteria?
  • Just in case future employers ask, how do I justify and explain transferring to another institution?

To answer these questions and to figure how transferring to another Higher Education Institution, please also contact your academic advisor at your host institution.

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