Application coach – your application after dropping out

An application is your signboard and at the same time your access card to the job you want. To be successful, we collected some important information for you.

The internet is full of advices “how to…”. Therefore, we won’t addressing this right here. If you have questions though, be sure to get help form the (academic) advisors found on our advisor’s map. But the burning question probably is:

How do I communicate that I quit my studies and dropped out of higher education?

In the motivation letter as well as in the interview, you should openly deal with the topic of dropping out of higher education. Consider the following:

  1. Make sure that quitting your studies was your decision and you are standing fully behind that move.
  2. Originally, studying at a higher education institution should push your career path. Today, you know your skills are rather hands-on the job. Therefore, you want to put your power effectively on the practical field.
  3. Different expectations of the field of study or future perspectives: sometimes, requirements, study topics or career perspectives are not completely known. This can also lead to a change of the field of study or a dropout.
  4. If you quit your studies within the first 3 semester, make sure to rethink your interests and take that into account. While studying, you had the opportunity to see what else is on the menu; e.g. taking other classes. It showed that another field of study rather fits your interests and skills which give reasons for changing the subject.
  5. Also personal matters are a legitimate reason. A sickness for a longer period of time, an accidents, taking care of close family members – these are reasons, which you cannot influence, that can lead to quit your studies. Though, it is important to point out that deciding against your studies was not an easy choice. You should make clear that your private issues are solved and will not have a negative influence on your future job.
  6. Last but not least: you should highlight your gained experience. It is important to present what you have learnt through this experience. Those aspects should be emphasized because they show how you broaden horizon and your skills. It proves that you successfully can manage challenges.